Ilimex air purification and sterilisation uses a combination of sterilisation technologies to >99.9999% of airborne pathogens on the first pass through the ILIMEX air sterilising unit.

No harmful Ozone is produced by the air sterilisation process. Uniquely Ilimex air sterilisers do not rely on filters to kill Viruses and Bacteria. This is done in our proprietary kill chamber by our wide band UV and Photocatalytic reaction. Therefore, the size and type of Virus or Bacteria is irrelevant. We kill them all quickly on the first pass.


Schools, Universities, Hostels


Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Takeaways,
Buffets, Coffee Shops


Warehouses, Factories


Office Blocks, Retailers, Salons,
Barbers, Bookmakers


Trains, Trams, Tubes, Buses 

Health Care Facilities:

Clinics, Surgeries, Pharmacies


SAPT (Single Air Pass Technology)

Incredible efficiency allows for Viruses and Bacteria to be killed instantly on the first pass. Unlike other systems that take hours or even days.

IoT Enabled

Peace of mind and ease of use guaranteed with IoT remote control and monitoring of our units and automatic fault alerting.

Low Running Costs

Proprietary ultra-efficient kill chamber uses multiple technologies to kill airborne pathogens quickly with unrivaled lifetime.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Plug and Play, No specialized installation. Complements existing air handling and conditioning. Low noise for large air volume handling.

Ours Vs. Other Technologies

Our Unit


Crystal Clean Air delivered by ILIMEX

STERILISES indoor air 5 times every hour – independently certified by university experts
100% SAFE for use in populated indoor spaces – NO Ozone or Plasma technology.
99.9999% Instant Kill of all pathogens during each air change.
System sized to area of room ensuring optimum performance. Easily moved between spaces.
Operates quietly – cleaning the air while the room is occupied.
Air is sterilised on single pass through unit – 5 times per hour.
No installation costs with LOW annual service costs and a 3-year parts warranty.
IoT Enabled to monitor performance and ensure effective operation.
Elegantly designed and built to last.

Other Technologies

Only claim to PURIFY the air. The Air Changes Per Hour are not quantified and lack high-calibre independent certification.
Many systems unsafe when people are in the room or utilise Ozone gas which can be harmful to people’s health.
Multiple air passes generally required to achieve minimum claimed effectiveness.
Some systems are one size fits all, heavy and difficult to move.
Many cannot be used in occupied areas as they’re too noisy and process dangerous.
Many have fewer or unknown number of Air Changes Per Hour and require several passes to achieve claimed purification effectiveness.
Often require specialised installation and involve HIGH ongoing annual servicing and running costs.
Most other technologies have no control or measurement application.
Neither elegantly designed nor robust.