Covid-19 Transmission

There is now growing theoretical evidence for the airborne spread of the coronavirus. Lab studies, in idealized conditions, also show that the virus can live in an aerosolized form for up to 16 hours (the scientists in this case intentionally created aerosolized droplets with a machine).

 Another study tracked with lasers the various droplets expelled from a human mouth during speech. It found “normal speech generates airborne droplets that can remain suspended for tens of minutes or longer and are eminently capable of transmitting disease in confined spaces.” Initially it was believed that the big drops fall on surfaces, and those surfaces can become contaminated too.

 Luckily, in the case of Covid-19, there is a growing consensus that getting sick from touching contaminated surfaces is quite rare. What has been shown in studies is that 80% of infection has been transmitted through the air.

William Wells a scientist who studied tuberculosis
transmission in the 1930s stated that when you
exhale, sneeze, or cough, you release a cloud of
gas and liquid droplets.

The heavier droplets will fall to the ground as
raindrops do. If there are germs in that droplet,
they can alight onto surfaces where they can be
transmitted to people who unwittingly put their
hand on the surface.

This view is now considered outdated and the
actual picture is a lot more complicated. We are
all always exhaling a gas cloud that contains
within it a spectrum of droplet sizes. If propelled
by a cough or a sneeze, droplets can travel
upward of twenty feet.


Ilimex have combined several technologies to create an air sterilizing unit that kills viruses, bacteria etc. instantly and continuously. It includes UV lamps, HEPA filters, Activated Carbon and Titanium dioxide photocatalytic filters.

It works by drawing air from a space into the unit and through an activated carbon pre-filter, the pre-filter will remove most of the larger dust, hair, PM10 and pollen particles from the air. The second stage high-quality HEPA filter removes the finer particles that escape from the pre-filter. The remaining pathogens present in the air will then pass through the UVC kill chamber which kills them instantly on the first pass.

Independent testing has shown that the UVC kill chamber alone kills >99.9% see

Efficacy and University Results

Independent testing has shown that the UVC kill chamber alone kills >99.9% (see Efficacy and University Results), this combined with the other sterilisation technologies produces a kill rate far greater than other products available on the market. Once the air has passed through the UVC kill chamber it is returned to the space with pathogens removed. This process allows for the air in any given space to be sterilised 5 times an hour with an appropriately sized Ilimex air sterilisation unit.

Efficacy and University Results

The air sterilising unit was submitted for testing to Ulster University earlier this year. Bacteriophage MS2 was used as a viral surrogate to assess the efficacy of the air sterilising unit, the results of the testing were then used to extrapolate a kill rate for the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

MS2 is considered a very robust challenge organism requiring a high UVC dose to cause inactivation as it is commonly held to require 7-10 times greater UVC dose than Coronavirus. The results of the testing provide confidence that a >3log (>99.9%) reduction of coronavirus is attainable with the underpinning Ilimex technology.